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Banana in the Tailpipe….

              So maybe you’ve heard, there have recently been some developments in college basketball. The NCAA has decided to allow high school and college… Read more »


Far Eastern Conference…

              With basketball becoming a more global game, we are seeing some huge basketball cultures growing in foreign countries. With the NBA still being… Read more »


Who’s Scared???!!???

              Last Wednesday something “Magic”-al (pun intended lol)¬†happened in Vegas. The top Nike grassroots program in the nation played the top Adidas grassroots program… Read more »


Title IX………..

              Ya know, one of my biggest pet peeves in regards to basketball discussions is the active and deliberate degradation of the women’s game…. Read more »


In My Lifetime…….Vol. 2

              Back at in again. Still running down some important things in the game of basketball since 1984. Today I’m going to do something… Read more »


Independence Day!!!!!!

              Here we are, celebrating freedom. Celebrating independence. Eating hot dogs, lighting fireworks, grilling burgers and chicken and drinking beer. Everybody isn’t celebrating though…. Read more »